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Leading Technique for Treating Sleep Apnea

Issues with sleep in the case of sleep apnea come from soft muscles relaxing at night and causing your breathing to be interrupted by a collapse. The affliction is witnessed when people begin choking or gasping for air at various moments during sleep. This situation is not only dangerous due to lack of oxygen, but can also cause problems with the heart, increase the risk of hypertension, lead to type 2 diabetes, and increase the chances of stroke. Should you find yourself or a loved one love facing this condition, look no further than our team at AVSC for a solution.

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Gold Standard Treatment

To improve your condition, we provide CPAP therapy on your second night. This treatment method involves using a machine—which is essentially a mask—that continuously offers positive air pressure for your throat, helping you maintain an open airway. The device keeps your soft tissues under control, so we can track your level of breathing; this helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure, effectively reducing any risk of heart failure or stroke. Contact us for more information about using a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea.

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