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Studying What's Stopping You from Sleeping Soundly

Making sure you get the sleep needed is essential for your health, happiness, and success. If you notice something is interrupting your sleep cycle, but you aren't quite sure what it is, our team at AVSC can determine the cause. Through our sleep studies, we diagnose any issues that are disrupting your sleep schedule and making life more difficult.

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Monitoring Your Sleeping Schedule

We offer in-house sleep, home sleep, and pediatric sleep studies conducted over a two-night period. The first night focuses on monitoring and gathering information to find out what is keeping you up. If you are diagnosed positively for sleep apnea, we will have you return the second night for CPAP therapy. In-house studies are done in a hotel-room setting with a private bedroom and TV, so your visit is comfortable.

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Payment Options

Our independent testing facility is a referral-based business and in network with most insurance providers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. Payments plans and arrangements are also available for clients paying with cash. We refuse to turn people away due to money issues because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to undergo this type of testing.